Sports Broadcasting

RTI  is teaming up with Melbourne’s youth community radio station SYN to offer an incredible volunteer position and scholarship! The Student Ambassador is a current SYN volunteer selected on the basis of leadership, professionalism and a fierce love for radio. The Ambassador will promote volunteer/student events and programs through SYN

Radio Training Institute is proud to be offering a new Sports Broadcasting Course in a compact format. Sports Broadcasting: Compact format.

The Radio Training Institute (formerly the Melbourne Radio School) has undergone a thorough review to ensure we remain true to our fundamental philosophy of continuous improvement in the past six months. This is to guarantee we continue to deliver to you the absolute best quality and unquestionably, most successful radio

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The long awaited Sports Broadcasting course is finally here. Radio Training Institute is excited to kick off the very first course commencing Tuesday 20th May.  

Having started in the industry from 
the age of 15, Peter Mercato has achieved a wide body of work, across a number of different stations. Peter was the voice of M-Sport on the Triple M network for a number of 
years and worked as a journalist there. In addition to