RTI Success Story: Sandro Falce

sandro -rti
Sandro Falce completed RTI’s Advanced Radio Course in June 2015, and after taking some time to improve and develop as a presenter, has just started at his dream station! He sat down with RTI’s Ti Butler to tell us all about his new gig

So congrats on the new gig! Do you want to tell us about it?

SANDRO FALCE: Um, it’s just… casual on triple j…

You said that very quietly, but that’s huge!

SF: Thank you!

So you studied at RTI…

SF: Yep.

Then what?

SF: I had to wait until I was 18, because I was 16 when I was studying at RTI, and you can’t legally work at a radio station on air until you are 18. So in the meantime, I joined a comedy group, did some stuff with them while waiting for time to pass by…

And you were still on air on community radio, weren’t you?

SF: Yeah, I was doing a show with my friend Zach on Sunbury Radio 99.3FM, then I was still coming back in to RTI, getting some more studio time, getting better, did some work experience at a few different radio stations, just trying to get as much experience as possible, and then when I turned 18 in October last year, the hunt was on for a job! I got to do some training at triple j in February this year, and in March possibilities started arising for a possible casual position, and here I am now, with that casual position!


So what did you learn from your time at RTI that helped you get this gig?

SF: Mainly networking! That’s a big part; what you know is important, but you need to know the person to send the thing to to tell them what you know. And so many everyday radio skills – I still look back at 2014 when I’d just started doing community radio, and going “oh, man!” When you compare the pre-RTI and the post-RTI, there is a very big difference between what I sound like. I wouldn’t be where I am now without RTI, pretty much!

What would you say to people who might be considering studying at RTI?

SF: Do it! If you want to learn about radio, it’s the best way to do it.

You can hear Sandro overnights on triple j, and follow him on Twitter and Instagram.
RTI’s next Advanced Radio Course begins Monday, July 3. See our Courses page for more info.