International Podcast Day

Friday September 30th 2016 marked International Podcast Day.  RTI graduate Emma Nobel checked out OzPod.

To celebrate, amateurs and pros alike came together for OzPod at the ABC in Ultimo, Sydney, to share their experiences in this emerging industry and talk about the future of podcasting in Australia.

For some it was an opportunity to spruik their podcasts, for others a welcome chance to get out of the studio and get some fresh air.

Industry insiders, including award-winning US host Manoush Zomorodi (from WNYC’s Note to Self podcast), KIIS 101.1’s Meshel Laurie, ABC Radio’s Richard Fidler, and Jon Tjhia from The Wheeler Centre, fronted a packed auditorium to talk the art of storytelling, building an audience and – of course – how to make a podcast profitable.

Throughout the day, panel sessions discussed the role of traditional radio in incorporating podcasts into their broadcasting, with keynote speaker Manoush Zomorodi inspiring pod-enthusiasts to go phone-free and offering an insight into how to invest your audience in your storytelling.

Head of Content at Omny Studio and RTI lecturer, Matt Saraceni, talked brand extension through podcasting with Professor Peter Fray, Head of Journalism at UTS and Cameron Reilly from the Life of Caesar podcast.

When the discussion wasn’t about content and monetization, it was about understanding listenership. ABC Audience Insights provided a podcast survey to understand who’s listening to podcasts – and some of the results were surprising:

  • 60 per cent of survey respondents listened to a podcast in the last week.
  • 1 in 2 respondents use their smartphone to listen to podcasts; rising to 70 per cent among younger listeners
  • 47 per cent of respondents reported listening to podcasts in the evening
  • The most common location to listen to podcasts is at home
  • News and Politics is the most popular podcast genre
  • 36 per cent of respondents indicated that they are listening to more podcasts compared to previous year.
  • Nearly 1 in 2 discover new podcasts by word of mouth & listening to radio / TV

OzPod provided a much-needed space for podcasters and industry insiders to share tips and insights on the current and future climate of podcasting in Australia.

Those in the auditorium, myself included, soaked up the atmosphere, speakers and perspectives on offer, and loo forward to a repeat in 2017.

– Emma Nobel.
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