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Great news. Cecelia Ramsdale has rejoined the lecturer team at RTI. It’s always gret when a family member returns to the fold.

Cecelia has been a voice over artist since she started out working with the ACE network in 2002. She cut her teeth voicing dozens of ads for the network along with radio station imaging and got plenty of microphone practice while announcing afternoons and breakfast.

When she moved to the big smoke in 2003 she scored a job at Fox Fm and MMM working in production and continued to grow her voice skills by voicing plenty of radio ads and hosting the Australian music show on the 2Day network for 6 years.

Working with RMK voices as her agent, Cecelia has voiced dozens of TVCs, hundreds of radio ads, narrated seasons of TV shows, brought cartoon characters to life in 4 kid’s Animated TV series and voiced plenty of corporate videos too. She has also had singing and acting lessons and sat voice theory exams after studying with her Voice coach for 12 years.

On a whim in 2009 Cecelia went to New York to a voice teacher’s conference, it was a whim that gave her an amazing opportunity to work with some of the world’s greatest voice coaches.

Cecelia is really excited to be taking the VO class at Radio Training Institute in 2016 and hopes the students will share her love of voice overs and voice use by the end of it!